Global commerce, billing & payment solutions for growing online revenue

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Technology + Services + Expertise

Our all-in-one solutions make global commerce seamless, secure and rapidly scalable.


Optimized Customer Experience

Acquire and retain more customers by providing the best possible online experience. Our cloud-based platform is built to eliminate barriers to signup, maximize renewals and increase customer confidence with localized languages, currencies and payment methods.

Global Risk Mitigation

Stay in line with regulations for taxation, data privacy and security as you sell in international markets. We’ll correctly calculate, collect and remit all local taxes on your behalf while ensuring compliance with global legislation for data privacy and security.

Team of Trusted Experts

We work as an extension of your team right from the start, providing global ecommerce expertise and success services for maximizing online revenue through affiliate management, email marketing, fraud prevention, customer support and more.

Grow Your Online Revenue

Take a closer look at how our all-in-one digital ecommerce solutions can grow your online revenue.

  • cleverbridge’s continued support and dedication to our business is not something I’ve seen or experienced with past ecommerce or digital marketing providers.

    — Jake Matulewicz, Director of Worldwide Ecommerce

  • Since the launch, cleverbridge has continued to exceed our expectations with their ongoing analysis, guidance and testing to help us grow and serve our customers.

    — Wayne Aiello, VP of Information Systems

  • cleverbridge not only gave us a complete global solution right out of the box with a simple integration – rapidly accelerating our time-to-market – but delivered the best possible online customer experience to build long-term customer relationships and grow recurring revenue.

    — Kevin St. Angel, Director of Ecommerce

  • cleverbridge has always understood how important our customers are to us and delivered a seamless customer experience, while also providing the expertise and reporting tools that allow us to strategize for the future.

    — Marcin Kleczynski, CEO

  • We’re excited about doubling our online sales last year and are targeting even bigger growth this year. With cleverbridge, we’ve already put the models in place so that scaling our online sales to bigger volumes is fairly simple.

    — Jim Schuchart, VP of Sales

Featured Ecommerce, Payment & Billing Capabilities

When you work with us, you work with us. No need to manage a sprawling network of service providers — and no burden of assembly. From recurring billing to global payments to an optimized customer experience, we power every aspect of your digital business.

Manage all aspects of your subscription program.

Effortlessly manage plans and pricing, promotions, automated or manual renewal processes, and free trials and freemium offers – plus all of your customers’ preferred languages, currencies and payment methods.

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Understand your business drivers on a global basis.

Monitor key commerce metrics like churn rate, trial conversion rate, upgrades/downgrades and customer lifetime value. Then derive meaningful data by segmenting reports by plan, product type, demographics, region and customer behavior.

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Provide the localized experience that your customers expect.

Our platform addresses regional differences, calculates applicable taxes and lets you define market-specific pricing. Using GeoIP technology, we automatically display content based on location, providing the optimal online experience for each customer.

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Power your business by empowering your customers.

We enable your customers to make common end user account changes – like updating personal data, upgrading or downgrading plans, accessing purchase history, and managing renewals – which dramatically decreases customer contact rates.

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Know exactly who to bill, for how much, when & via which payment method.

Consumers and business customers require different pricing and billing models, but they all expect an effortless, seamless buying process. Our flexible platform makes it easy to configure and manage the customer billing experience.

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Reduce the complexities of payment processing.

From securely and accurately collecting payments, managing relationships with global payment service providers and defending against chargebacks, we make sure you have the highest possible acceptance rate for recurring billing events.

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We’re excited about doubling our online sales last year and are targeting even bigger growth this year. With cleverbridge, we’ve already put the models in place so that scaling our online sales to bigger volumes is fairly simple.

Jim Schuchart, Vice President    Smartbear