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Pick the version of InstallAware most suited for your needs.

Product Base Price is $499.00

Express - included in price

  • - All standard features and unique InstallAware benefits included. Some add-ons below not available with this version.

Developer - add MSIcode scripting, App-V, command line builds, two-way integrated IDE [+$500]

  • - Take productivity to the next level with dependency free, drag-drop MSIcode scripting - giving you full control over your setup runtime behavior

Studio - add MSIcode debugger, dialog designer, compiler variables [+$1,500] (Best Price Performance!)

  • - Design custom user interfaces, build multiple product variations from a single setup project with Compiler Variables

Studio Admin - add automation interface, software repackaging [+$3,500]

  • - Convert existing MSI and MSM databases to MSIcode scripts, repackage setups using PackageAware, emit setup projects with automation

Instant Discounts:

Save when upgrading from a competitor, or an older InstallAware version.

Full License - included in price

  • - Your first InstallAware product

Competitive upgrade - valid serial number required [-34%]

  • - When upgrading your InstallShield, Wise, or end-of-life'd InstallAware product (version X3 or older).

Upgrade - old InstallAware product required [-50%]

  • - When upgrading your existing InstallAware product (version X4 or newer is required).


Have constant access to the latest and greatest InstallAware versions.

None - included in price

  • - Minor upgrades free of charge, major upgrades free for 3 months

1 Year Maintenance - unlimited upgrades for a full year [+40%]

  • - Free major upgrades for 12 months

2 Years Maintenance - unlimited upgrades for two years [+70%] (Best Value!)

  • - Free major upgrades for 24 months

Floating License:

Add more developers to your team at any time.

No floating license - included in price

  • - Single machine use

Floating InstallAware license - developer flexibility [+50%] (InstallAware recommends)

  • - Multiple machine non-simultaneous use


Get instant access to official help resources when you need it.

Basic Support - included in price

  • - Free access to peer support forums

Gold Support [+33%] (InstallAware recommends)

  • - Access to our InstallAware support experts

Next-Generation MSIX Packaging:

MSIX Builder - Included in price

  • - Build any setup as an MSIX package

MSIX Editor - advanced MSIX IDE [+$499] (InstallAware recommends)

  • - Edit any MSIX package, build MSIX Modification Packages


None - included in price

20 Hours Basic Consulting - jump-start your InstallAware setup [+$3,980]

  • - Up to 20 hours of hands-on work on your setup project by certified InstallAware consultants.

40 Hours Advanced Consulting - turn-key delivery of your InstallAware setup [+$7,960]

  • - Up to 40 hours of hands-on work on your setup project by certified InstallAware consultants.


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