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  • SOLIDWORKS Student Edition 2020-2021 [Download Only, Microsoft Windows Only]More info
    Delivery: electronic

    Access the power of the complete SOLIDWORKS Desktop portfolio, including CAD, Simulation, CAM, Visualize, and so much more.


    Click here and then "Compare features" to learn more about what’s included.

    *** THIS IS A 1-YEAR LICENSE ***

    *** Looking for last year's release (2019-2020)? Purchase this year's version and select the 2019-2020 version from the download webpage. ***


  • 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Students (1 Year Trial)
    Delivery: electronic

    Access anytime, anywhere, on any device – including Macs!

    ·         Collaborative Business Innovator – the building blocks of our easy-to-use Platform

    ·         Collaborative Industry Innovator – organize, collaborate and manage in real-time

    ·         3DCreator – cloud CAD modeling with AI-powered Design Guidance

    ·         3DSculptor – cloud sub-D modeling for organic, swoopy shapes


    Click here to learn more about what’s included.

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