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  • Kantan!AITalk3 -7 narrators pac(with kansai dialect)-More info
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    "Kantan! AITalk3 7WashaPack" (Kantan! AITalk3 -7 narrators Pack(with Kansai dialect)-) is text-to-speach which contains 7 narrators voice database. Very easy to use - just enter some text in the field and click! The voice database is comprised of the voices with Standard Japanese accent (3 adult females, 1 adult male and 1 girl) and the voices with Kansai dialect (1 adult female and 1 adult male).
    This product is only for individual use. Our license does NOT allow any corporate use. This product is meant for Japanese Windows. Usage on any other system than "Japanese Windows" is not guaranteed by us. (Here, "Japanese Windows" does not include Windows systems which are installed in any other language than Japanese then whose language is switched to Japanese through configuration after installation.)
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