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  • VOCALOID Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppet(Japanese Subtitles)Bunraku Puppet Movie
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    It's a 30 minute-length opera film, in which you will see no human being acting. It's VOCALOID which provides all the songs for the play. VOCALOID is a technology of singing voice synthesis and the name of application software based on that technology. And all the actresses in the play are Bunraku puppets. Bunraku is one of Japan's traditional performing arts with 250 years of history. The trinity of lifelike puppet play, songs from VOCALOID and techno music using Japanese traditional musical instruments illustrates the complexity of human deep psyche.

    VOCALOID can sing beyond human vocal range and therefore its vocal sometimes sounds otherworldly while Bunraku puppets can act beyond limits of human actions. Opera AOI is a collaboration of VOCALOID and Bunraku puppets which nobody has ever seen even in Japan.

    *This item is movie with Japanese subtitles.
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