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  • MegaZine3 MZ3-PRIV

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    MZ3-PRIV License for Personal Use/Schools/Associations

    License for personal, non commercial use with all features and functions for mz3Tool and MegaZine3.
    This license also can be used by schools, universities and assiciations.

    Examples of Use Cases:
    • ● Private: Photo Books, CVs, Diaries, Scrape Books, Travel Books
    • Schools, Universities: School Library
      Access must be restricted to students of that school!
      School Newspapers, Reports, ...
    • Newsletter, Reports, free magazines, ...

    Included Software


    Comfortable "IDE" (development system for Mz3 Titles) to create   complete "packages" (Javascript, AIR, FLASH) for MegaZine3 Books.

    Available for:
    • Windows10
    • macOS Catalina


    Runtime System to present the designed/created Mz3 Titles ("Books").

    Available for:
    • Javascript (all platforms, all browsers)
    • AIR (Windows and macOS)


    • Unlimited life-time License
    • Unlimited Number of Titles, Editions, Issues
    • Unlimited Number of Pages
    • Unlimited Number of Languages


    • This personal license must be used for own purposes only; MZ3 Packages (created Mz3 Titles) must not be ditributed by others.
    • The use of the mz3Tool Software is restricted to
      • the license owner
      • family members
      • and school colleagues.
    • The "poweredBy" Logo in the bottom-right corner always
      is visible and links to our home page.
      The otpional MZ3-OPT-WL License alllows to take out that logo
      or to substitute it with any other image; e.g. an own logo
    • To sell Mz3 Titles like eBooks or Magazines or 3rd party Advertisements,
      the optional MZ3-OPT-PUBL license is needed.
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