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MegaZine3: Framework for Digital Publications

MegaZine3 is a "Pageflip framework" supporting the the creation of own, digital publications; independent on any provider or cloud services.
mz3Tool is a comfortable development environment for Windows and MAC OSx
The built publications can be viewed/ locally with mz3Viewer, which is available as PC version for Windows and OSx
The Mz3 Titles can be distributed via media (copy on CD / DVD / memors stick), Email or Cloud Services.
mz3Viewer can be downloaded for free from our website.

Alternatively an Mz3 Title can be uploaded to any server for distribution over the Internet. Such Mz3 Titles can be viewed in any Browser supporting Javascript (and still: Flash).

Non commercial Solutions


MegaZine3 MZ3-PRIV

MegaZine3 PRIV

Private people, consumers, eductation, non-profit organizations, associations

This license allows to create and share personal photo books, family history books, CVs, diaries, ...
Such books can be shared with "family and friends".
A commercial use is not allowed.
Everybody who wants to distribute/share Mz3 Titles (books or alike) needs an own, separate license!
The content owner who wants to use and share the book, needs his own license, even if he did not create the book himself.

Example: Travel Books with photos taken during a trip with friends can be shared with all friends.
BUT: The friends are not allowed to share those books again, unless they purchase their own license.

The same is true for books with family content: All relatives can use those books without an additional license. But only the licnese owner is entitled to create, modify and share those books.


  • - Unlimited llife-time license for own purposes
  • - Unlimited number of MZ3 Titles
  • - Unlimited number of pages


  • - No custom preloader supported
  • - A "poweredBy" Logo is always visible in the bottom right corner
  • - MZ3 Titles must not be sold
  • - 3rd party advertisements are not allowed
  • - Books must not be created on behalf of "friends", i.e. for others. Exception: Those users own a separate license
Your Price: $22.21

Business Solutions


MegaZine3 MZ3-BASE

Commercial Users

This license offers all features and functions of MegaZine3 for own use. No limitations in number of Mz3 Titles (books, catalogs), pages and languages.

A "poweredBy" Logo is shown in the bottom right of the book. The White Label Option MZ3-OPT-WL allows to substitute the logo by an own logo.

Mz3 Titles or advertisements must not be sold. For such purposes a separate license, the MZ3-OPT-PUBL license, is needed.
A MegaZine3 preloader is shown (in the Flash or mz3Viewer Version only), when an Mz3 Title is opened. That preloader logo can be substituted by an own logo on request for owners of an MZ3-OPT-WL license.

Supported Platforms: Windows10, OSx, Javascript, AIR, Flash

Rights and Restrictions

  • - Unlimited life-time License
  • - Unlimited Number of Titles, Editions, Issues
  • - Unlimited Number of Pages
  • - Books may be created for others (as a service). Those final users need their own license (PRIV or BASE, depending on the use)!
    But: If you purchase a license on behalf of that customer under your name (the one that is shown in the White label option), no additional White Label License is needed. I.e. your White Label License can be used for all your customers.

  • - Flash/mz3Viewer-Preloader must not be modified (otpional MZ3-OPT-WL License needed for own Logo)
  • - Permanent "poweredBy" Logo (bottom-right corner) (otpional MZ3-OPT-WL License needed for own Logo)
  • - Created MZ3 Titles must not be sold (optional MZ3-OPT-PUBL license needed for that)
  • - 3rd party advertisements are not allowed (optional MZ3-OPT-PUBL license needed for that)
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Suppress the "poweredBy" logoYour Price: $98.74


MegaZine3 license for publishers

This License as additional option to a BASE license has an unlimited life span and allows selling of either eBooks or Magazines with one single name/title.
Book revisions/editions and all Magazine issues are covered, as long they all have the same title name.
Your Price: $111.09


Download Link for the actual version. During the following 12 months after purchase the Download Link for new versions will be published by emailYour Price: $69.12