We have sophisticated solutions for your subscription billing model.

Many of our clients rely on our subscription capabilities to minimize churn and maximize retention. With a robust set of APIs and flexible subscription platform, we streamline and simplify all aspects of subscription billing so you can focus on building profitable long-term customer relationships.

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Subscription Management

Compel your customers to subscribe — and keep them coming back for more.

To succeed with subscriptions, you need to continually nurture your customer relationships. Our platform lets you effectively manage the various touchpoints in the lifecycle — from converting freemium and free trial users to managing renewals, supporting upgrades or downgrades (whether they go into effect right away or on the next renewal date), offering custom promotions and executing winback strategies — all while billing customers accurately and on a timely basis.

Recurring Billing

We support your pricing models and your customers’ preferred payment methods.

Whether you’re offering term, tiered or usage-based subscriptions – or some custom combination thereof – we have the technology and expertise to support your pricing model, as well as complex payment situations like prorated and partial term billing. Our extensive portfolio of online and offline payment methods covers all of the ways your customers choose to pay.

Managing billing and renewals is tricky (unless you’re using our technology, that is).

Keeping track of complicated renewal and billing processes requires intelligent technology, and the subscription engine in our ecommerce platform supports both automated and manual renewals. For automated renewals, we know precisely when to bill each subscriber, for how much and via which payment method. In the case of manual renewals, our platform leverages the dunning process to increase renewal rates.

Real-Time Marketing

Expertly execute engagement strategies based on customer behavior.

The key to nurturing, acquiring and retaining subscription customers is to show them the right offer or promotion precisely when they need to see it. Our platform’s flexible rule-based engine lets you define criteria for triggering customer-specific messaging via email, toast notifications, banner ads, SMS and more. These well-timed offers will land you more subscribers and, ultimately, increase your recurring revenue stream.

Centralized Customer Database

Consolidate your data sources for the most up-to-date view of customer activity.

Too many disconnected data sources can muddy your reporting and analytics and inaccurately inform your marketing and sales strategies. We merge customer data from all of your sources – like your CRM, web forms, third party tracking tools, license management system and email service provider – through an initial import and ongoing API calls so you always have visibility into a single unified source of customer information.


Reporting & Analytics

Extensive reporting

We merge all of your data sources into one robust performance engine, giving you access to the most up-to-date, comprehensive insights into all aspects of your subscription business.

Advanced segmentation

You can segment your customer data to analyze trends, determine retention rates, measure marketing campaign effectiveness, identify customer contact reasons and more.

Interactive analytics

Our in-depth analytics don’t just inform your subscription sales strategy; they take action by triggering events you define in your CRM, email platform and other business tools.

Relevant data

With our flexible subscription reporting, we make it easy to deliver data and reports tailored for your CFO, salespeople, marketers and other functions within your organization.

Customer Self-Service

Power your subscription business by empowering your customers.

When you allow your customers to take ownership of their personal data using traditional “My Account” functionality, you free up your customer service and tech support teams for more pressing tasks. The self-service capabilities in our platform dramatically decrease customer contact rates by accommodating common end user account changes.

Your customers can easily:

  • Update or change personal data
  • Access their purchase history
  • Manage their licenses (upgrades and downgrades)
  • Manage their subscriptions, including renewals and payment methods
  • Locate technical support resources
  • View personalized offers and content

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