White Papers

B2B Customers

5 Things Your B2B Customers Need You To Know

This white paper outlines things your B2B customers need you to keep in mind when trying to attract, convert and retain them online.

Subscription Challenges

The Top 3 Subscription Billing Challenges

Before you start selling subscriptions, you need to be prepared for the challenges implicit in transitioning to this new billing model. This white paper provides the information you need to beat these top three subscription billing challenges.

Subscription Dilemma

The Subscription Dilemma

There are many factors that your business needs to consider before transitioning from perpetual licensing to subscriptions. This white paper outlines these key considerations.

Payment Processing

Managing the Complexities of Payment Processing

Making online payments looks so simple, but processing those payments is a lot more complex than it seems. Get this complimentary paper today to understand online payment processing.

E-Commerce Integrations

5 Mistakes to Avoid with E-Commerce Integrations

Discover the biggest blunders online businesses make during their integration implementations. Download this white paper today to sidestep errors and smartly sync your data.

Pricing Strategies

5 Quick Tips for E-Commerce Pricing

We documented a few industry-approved strategies for pricing your products with both customers and shareholders in mind. Download this white paper today and see if these pricing strategies could make a difference to your bottom line.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The Ultimate Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Measuring conversion rates and testing content at all points along the buying process is the core of conversion rate optimization. Read this complimentary paper and discover new ways to optimize your e-commerce.

Localized E-Commerce

How to Localize Your Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

We documented seven essential steps for localizing your online store and checkout process. Download this complimentary white paper to see if your e-commerce includes these important best practices.

Global E-Commerce

Eight Critical Capabilities for Global E-commerce

Get this complimentary white paper to learn the capabilities you need to maximize online sales and optimize your e-commerce.

Navigating Japanese E-commerce

The Total Economic Impact ™ of cleverbridge

cleverbridge commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study comparing in-house and outsourced e-commerce solutions. The study showed that cleverbridge generates incremental revenue and simplifies e-commerce for organizations. Access our resources to evaluate in-house versus outsourced e-commerce solutions.

Shift to SaaS

The Shift To SaaS

Whether it’s the threat of SaaS competitors moving into the market or the lure of the cloud, many software vendors are pondering if now is the time to embrace SaaS.

Industry Reports

IDC Marketscape

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Commerce Report

IDC named cleverbridge an industry Leader in its rigorous assessment of digital commerce vendors. Read the report and see just why we qualified.


Navigating Japanese E-commerce

Navigating Japanese E-commerce

Learn the nuances of selling to Japan in "Navigating Japanese E-commerce," a presentation led by cleverbridge General Manager Yosuke Ito.


Selling Software Online to Customers in the United States

Selling Software Online to Customers in the United States

Download this complimentary e-book today for a comprehensive guide to customizing your e-commerce experience for shoppers in the United States

Selling Software Online to Asian Customers

Selling Software Online to Customers in Asian Countries

In this free e-book, you’ll learn how to grow your business into China, Japan and South Korea by customizing your e-commerce experience for the Asian market.

Selling Software Online to European Customers

Selling Software Online to European Customers

Access our complimentary e-book to learn how to more effectively penetrate the biggest e-commerce market outside of the U.S. ‒ Europe.

Case Studies



Learn how Malwarebytes leveraged cleverbridge's expertise and technology to switch to a subscription model.



Learn how Nitro increased global revenue by utilizing cleverbridge e-commerce solutions.