Elegantly Innovative

The industry’s most powerful platform was built to adapt and evolve. Designed from the ground up by seasoned e-commerce professionals, our core components communicate through common APIs, guaranteeing customization, reliability and security, without sacrificing flexibility.

cleverbridge’s highly scalable infrastructure processes tens of thousands of transactions every day and millions of transactions a month. With powerful data centers in Europe, Asia and the United States, cleverbridge can handle whatever processing scale your company needs.

Built to Evolve

  • A strictly layered architecture built using SOA, XML, .Net and C#.
  • An API rich environment allows for easy integration with internal client systems or best-in-class external partners.
  • Flexibility to accommodate unique client-specific requests.

Strictly Layered Architecture

  • Strict layering establishes structure and maintains stability.
  • Defined sections perform only a set of specific, predetermined functions.
  • This distinctive layered approach allows for adjustment and upgrade of specific layers, without disrupting the system as a whole.

API Rich

  • Layered architecture requires a well-defined, broad set of APIs to allow cooperation and integration between each layer.
  • APIs are available to meet any and every need.
  • The next level of e-commerce – the use of internal APIs keeps cleverbridge customers on the cutting edge of technology.


  • cleverbridge's innovative architecture allows for total customization while maintaining enough flexibility to allow for efficient changes.