Delivery & Billing

Customers receive your product data quickly, reliably and automatically.

  • Powerful Entitlement Engine provides seamless delivery of product licenses and accessibility.
  • Reliable Download Servers ensure your customers receive high speed, highly available product data.
  • Efficient Automated E-mail Receipt system delivers customized product information directly to your customer’s inbox.

License Keys

  • Real-time key generation with dynamic content and customizable delivery and confirmation options.
  • Optional delivery items include extended download, backup CDs and physical products.

Physical Fulfillment

  • Ship using our global infrastructure of partners, or one of your choosing.
  • Configure shipping charges for thousands of local jurisdictions worldwide.

And more!

cleverbridge supports whatever way customers want to buy your products.


When it comes to flexible currencies and payment methods, nobody beats cleverbridge.

cleverbridge offers usage-based billing, fixed monthly accounts and subscription billing models, plus pricing tools, integrated marketing features and more.

Global pricing options and tools break down barriers and help you reach international markets. Customer-facing components speed up time to market and customizations.


Tools and expertise for every business need.

Business buyers have different requirements than traditional consumers. Whether dealing with channel conflict, purchase orders, price quotes, resellers, key accounts or international currencies, cleverbridge helps you meet your business customers’ needs with ease.


cleverbridge fits your business - you won’t need to change your process to fit your e-commerce platform.

Automated & Integrated

cleverbridge knows that automation and integration are crucial to efficiency. That's why we support all of your integration needs, from CRM to ERP and logistics.

Easy partner management

  • Enlist and manage resellers
  • Faciliate partnership with your value-added resellers (VARs) and key accounts

Invoicing options

  • Multiple invoicing options to meet the needs of your customers, from purchase orders to price quotes to pre-negotiated purchase and credit limits

Entitlement engine

  • Multiple license managment
  • License key details

Seamless integration

  • CRM, ERP
  • 3PL


Optimize your enterprise.

Selling software to consumers requires a certain finesse. cleverbridge delivers powerful functionality with a light touch.

Faster transactions. Complete compatibility. Powerful analysis. Reliable partners. Rapid implementation. Comprehensive support. Focus on product development and marketing. We’ll handle the rest.

Faster transactions

  • Cart and platform flexibility
  • Low barriers
  • Local payment methods in every region

Integrated marketing

  • Promotions
  • Cross/Up-sells
  • Facebook stores

Powerful analysis

  • Multi-variate testing
  • Optimized checkout
  • Business Intelligence

Enabled partners

  • Distributors
  • Affiliates
  • Resellers


The subscription economy

The subscription economy is changing the software business. Software and SaaS companies are adopting new business models to offer more flexibility for customers and to maximize recurring revenue streams. Subscriptions bring a whole new set of challenges to e-commerce. Are you prepared for the complexities? cleverbridge is. Partnering with cleverbridge simplifies your business and enables you to capture the benefits of subscription and SaaS products while avoiding the hurdles and growing pains. Learn why cleverbridge is your subscription commerce partner of choice.

End-to-end capabilities

cleverbridge processes millions of subscription transactions globally each year. Our full-service offering eliminate the need for you to manage multiple vendors for fraud, customer service, payment gateway, software, marketing, tax collection, affiliate tracking and other services. Our support for dozens of languages, currencies and payment methods enables our subscription clients to expand quickly and easily into new markets. Learn about cleverbridge’s subscription commerce capabilities.