Exceeding Expectations

Partnering with cleverbridge

cleverbridge aims to meet and exceed the expectations of each and every client.

The Right Fit

Because we invest so much in each client, cleverbridge makes sure that we’re the right fit for the businesses we serve.

We work with companies that share our forward-looking, flexible approach and stand to benefit from our powerful platform and all-inclusive service offerings. And we don’t trap our clients with restrictive, burdensome contracts.

Flexible Contracts

The length of our contracts is flexible and they are never exclusive. We are so confident in our solutions and service, clients can leave at any time if not completely satisfied.

cleverbridge community

Besides providing industry-leading expertise, technology and support, we also create opportunities to share insight, trade advice and gain knowledge with our Building Keystones blog, in-person events and social media.

When you work with us, you’re not just a number -- you are a true partner.

Find out more about the cleverbridge community today.

Networking Events

cleverbridge Networking Events provide a unique opportunity for invited guests to learn about upcoming platform development releases, attend engaging presentations about industry trends and best practices, and forge partnerships with other attending companies. Distinctive keynote speakers highlight compelling topics relevant to the e-commerce industry and market.

cleverbridge Networking Events have taken place in such breathtaking locales as Madrid, Berlin, San Francisco and Montreal.

cleverbridge speakers have included representatives from Forrester Research and Omniture, as well as optimization expert Tim Ash, Six Pixels of Separation author Mitch Joel, and media and technology expert Adam Penenberg.

View a sample from renowned expert and former Amazon.com Chief Scientist Andreas Weigend: http://www.youtube.com/cleverbridge

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