2015 Year in Review

In 2015 we covered the tips and tools you need to bring your business to the next level. Below, find our most popular posts of the year, important digital publications you might have missed and our contributions to the subscription commerce conversation across the internet in our 2015 year in review.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the A/B Test

Testing your site content enables you to make the choices that suit your customers best based on hard data from real customer experiences. Careful testing is an essential part of any business' ongoing optimization efforts — especially when the results surprise you.

Software Pirates — Your Most Qualified Sales Leads

Traditionally, the C-suite has viewed software piracy as an unsolvable problem and has accepted it as a cost of doing business similar to “shrinkage” in retail businesses. In fact, software piracy can be a significant source of revenue once you are able to reach, educate and convert these “unpaid users.”

Mapping and Measuring the Subscriber Journey [White Paper]

If your business lives and dies by subscriptions, you need to understand the map of your subscriber’s journey and its relevant KPIs. Make sure that your ecommerce arsenal has capabilities to support subscribers at each stage of their journey. This will ultimately reduce headaches and provide business stability for the future.


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